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VCI film

The VCI film provided by Shanghai Santai is manufactured with proprietary and unique extrusion processing. The VCI chemical is dosed in a certain ratio into the VCI film and the VCI will saturate the enclosed room inside of the packaging. The VCI will form a protective layer on the metal and this protective layer will stop or slow down the corrosion of metals. The VCI film can be customized and provided in sheets, rolls, flat bag, gusset bag or cubic bag. The VCI film is easy to use, safety and effective, especially for long term storage, exportation transportation, assembly process.


Product model



For ferrous, non-ferrous, multimetallic alloy and all the other metal product

Food contact approved and originated from nature


Prevent non-ferrous metals from discoloring 
Cast iron, steel, gold, silver, copper, aluminium and multimetallic alloy product


Galvanised steel, steel and ferrous metal, multimetallic product


VCI stretch film

Galvanised steel, steel


Anti-static VCI film